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Window Replacement Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this document is to establish the requirements and guidelines for the installation of replacement windows for condominiums within the 1600 Hamilton Place complex. Additionally this document identifies the homeowner responsibility for building structure integrity, leakage issues, and completion aesthetics associated with skylight installation. These guidelines are a supplement to, and do not replace, governing documents.

  2. Homeowner Agreement

    In accordance with 1600 Hamilton Place requirements, any homeowner that replaces a window takes full responsibility for insuring full compliance with all building codes; installation retains the full structural integrity of the building, and compliance with manufacturer's requirements for aesthetics and leak-proof sealing. The homeowner additionally releases 1600 Hamilton Place from its obligation concerning window-related leaks and subsequent damage resulting from or due to window installation.

  3. Requests for Approval for Window Replacement

    In accordance with 1600 Hamilton Place requirements, any homeowner desiring to alter the exterior aesthetics of his/her unit must obtain written approval from the 1600 Hamilton Place Homeowners Association Architecture Committee before commencing any work. A letter shall be submitted and shall include the following. 

    1. Unit Address 

    2. Owner contact information (i.e. email, phone number) 

    3. List of specific windows to be replaced 

    4. Name of Window Manufacturer (e.g. Milgard) 

    5. Window frame material type (e.g. aluminum, fiberglass) 

    6. Window frame color (e.g. bronze anodized; include a color chip with request if color is other than bronze anodized) 

    7. Specifications for any glass or energy options, other than standard glass.

    8. Specifications for opening type (e.g., single hung, horizontal slider, picture)

    9. Illustration, photo, or brochure regarding design elements

    10. Copies of licenses and certificates outlined in Section K, subsection 1.

    Submit requests to:
        Bill Hubbard, Attn: 1600 Hamilton Place Architecture Committee
        Email: bhubbard@communitymanagement.com
        Subject: 1600HP Window Replacement Request
        Fax: (408) 559-1970
        Mail: 1935 Dry Creek Road, Suite 203
        Campbell, CA 95008

    Requests that do not include all items above shall be considered incomplete and will not be considered for approval until the necessary information is provided.

    Note: Approval period shall be 30 days from the receipt of complete written request.

  4. Window Installation Type

    1. Nail-In (also called New Construction) Windows 

    2. Retro-fit Vinyl Windows

  5. Window Frame Material

    1. Aluminum 

    2. Fiberglass 

    3. Vinyl

  6. Window Frame Color

    1. Bronze or black anodized or black anodized.

  7. Glass Options and Energy Efficiency

    Homeowners are encouraged to seek visually subtle options to enhance the energy efficiency of their unit. Standard low-E 2 or low-E 3 window coatings, argon gas filled double-paned windows, and UV-protective laminations are acceptable. However, in order to maintain a contiguous look between units, obscure, tinted or reflective glass or coatings shall not be considered. This includes energy efficient coatings that darken or otherwise color-distort the glass.

  8. Grids

    Mullion grids are optional. If mullion grids are chosen, the grid pattern shall be similar to the colonial style originally installed by the builder. Grids must be between 1/2 - 5/8-inch in width and shall be the same color of the window frame.

  9. Opening Styles

    Alternative opening styles will be considered, including instances of replacing a picture window with a slider, single-hung or double-hung window opening style. Due to safety and structural considerations, awning and casement style openings shall not be considered. Drawings shall be provided showing the proposed changes.

  10. Patio Doors

    Slider style patio doors must be replaced with slider style patio doors. Other opening styles for patio doors will not be considered. Replacement patio doors shall not include grids of any type.

  11. Installation Requirements

    1. Licensed Contractor, Certifications and Permits

      1600 Hamilton Place is comprised solely of condominium units all of our of which share common walls with our neighbors. Because of this, any structural alterations, including window replacements, may have an adverse affect on neighboring units. In an attempt to minimize the risk of damages caused by installation, the Association requires that window replacement installations be performed by contractor meeting the following requirements:

      1. Licensed as a Glazing Contractor (C-17) and as a General Building Contractor (B) by the State of California

      2. Bonded

      3. Holds current general liability insurance issued in the homeowners name 

      4. Has current workman's compensation insurance.

    2. Building Restoration

      Responsibility for repair and restoration of any damage resulting from the installation of replacement windows shall be borne solely by the homeowner. Restoration includes:

      1. Replacement of building (flashing) paper removed during window installation process with new paper,

      2. Replacement of vapor barrier membrane with new vapor barrier membrane, 

      3. Repairing stucco with matching grain size such that the repair is not visible upon completion of installation,

      4. Replacing trim boards with size and type of boards to match existing trim boards, and priming of trim boards on six sides prior to installation, and 

      5. Repainting all exterior surfaces with paint colors to match.

    3. All repairs and restorations must be completed within 30 calendar days after the completion of work. Duration of window replacement installation, repair and restoration may not exceed 6 weeks without prior written approval.

  12. Maintenance and Leaks

    Responsibility for maintenance, leaks and any resulting damage to the exterior, interior or structure, shall be borne solely by the homeowner.



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