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Violation Policy

As approved by the Board of Directors, a warning letter is sent to the homeowner for a violation of 1600 Hamilton Place Community Association Governing Documents and Rules giving a thirty (30) day notice for compliance.

A second letter will be sent certified mail and/or first class mail if the violation has not been corrected within the time frame requested, inviting the homeowner to attend a hearing with the Board of Directors. The homeowner will be given at least a fifteen (15) day notice prior to the hearing. The homeowner is given the opportunity to present his/her case at the hearing, after such time the Board determines whether or not to levy a monetary penalty of $50.00 and/or suspend voting rights, and/or suspend the use of common area facilities. Homeowners will be notified via letter as to the Board's decision. The hearing may be held in Executive Session if so requested by the owner.

If the homeowner does not attend the hearing, the Board has the right to levy monetary penalties and/or suspend voting rights and/or suspend the use of the recreational facilities. The homeowner's account will be assessed if a monetary penalty is levied.

The Board of Directors may also refer the matter to Association counsel for resolution.

In cases of rentals, it is the homeowner's responsibility to bring this information to the attention of their tenants. Failure to advise a tenant will no absolve the homeowner from responsibility.


This page was last updated on 03/30/2014.