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Pet Rules

The Board of Directors of 1600 Hamilton Place Community Association has adopted the following pet rules for the protection of residents and guests of 1600 Hamilton Place:

  1. A maximum of two(2) domestic pets, defined as domesticated dogs, domesticated cats, domesticated birds, or other animal as agreed upon with the Board of Directors, and as defined in the applicable provisions of the California Civil Code or any successor statute thereto, are permitted.

  2. Pets are to be leashed at all time while on the common areas of the Association. Unleashed animals are subject to City Animal Control and/or trapping.

  3. Pet owners are required to immediately remove and properly dispose of any waste from their pet.

  4. Excessive barking or other noise will be considered a nuisance and is not permitted.

  5. The Board or Directors has the right to prohibit a pet which, in the opinion of the Board, after notice and hearing, constitutes a nuisance to the owner or owners. Fines may also be imposed against the owner of a pet which is found to be a nuisance.



This page was last updated on 03/30/2014.