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Landscape Guidelines

Common areas are the responsibility of the Association. Residents shall not add to or remove from or alter common area landscape in any way. This includes:

  1. No pruning of common area plants or trees.
  2. No planting of anything in the common area.
  3. No pots, planters, vases, or similar items.
  4. No personal property (i.e., hose reels/hoses).
  5. No architectural violations (i.e., no signs).

Restricted common areas (patios/balconies)

  1. Excessive overgrowth is not allowed.
  2. Planting shall not obscure house numbers.
  3. Vines (i.e., Ivy or Ficus) and shrubs shall not be allowed to grow on walls or through or over fences.
  4. No trellises may be used above the fence line.
  5. Any plants, including plastic plants, visible to the common area, must be well cared for and kept in good condition.
  6. Trees must be kept to manageable height and width and must not cause damage to fences or crowd common area trees or clog gutters.
  7. Trees must be kept no less than three feet from a building.
  8. Growth in lower unit patios must be kept below upper unit window boxes/balconies/entry decks.
  9. Decorative items, potted plants or planters are not permitted on the patio fence caps or the balcony railing caps.
  10. Acceptable seasonal decorations (i.e., Christmas lights) must be removed within two weeks of the applicable holiday.
  11. Owners are responsible for managing the landscaping within restricted common areas. This includes removal of all weeds and dead plant material, as well as keeping all shrubbery trimmed.
  12. Patio and balcony areas must be kept neat and clear of boxes, bags, or other items not considered appropriate for those areas.
  13. Decorative and/or string patio lights are permitted as long as they cannot be seen from the common area.


This page was last updated on 05/15/2015.