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Exterior Lighting Guidelines

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of the Exterior Lighting Replacement Requirements and Guidelines is to ensure the preservation of the architectural integrity of our community. All exterior lighting, including the parts specified in this guideline, must be submitted in writing to the Architecture Committee for written approval before the fixtures are changed out.

  2. Homeowner Agreement

    In accordance with the 1600 Hamilton Place requirement, any homeowner that changes out or installs any lighting fixture takes full responsibility for ensuring full compliance with all building codes.

    All costs associated with lighting are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

  3. Lighting Fixture Change Approval

    In accordance with 1600 Hamilton Place requirements, any homeowner that desires to alter the exterior aesthetics of the complex must obtain written approval from the 1600 Hamilton Place Homeowners Association Architecture Committee before commencing any work. To initiate a request for lighting fixture changes, send your request to the Association Architectural Committee with your request, including the following:

    1. Unit address

    2. Homeowner's contact info

    3. List of light fixtures to be replaced 

    4. Manufacturer Name

    5. Manufacturer Model/Part Number

    6. Dimensions, description and picture of proposed light fixture(s)

    Submit light replacement requests to:

    Bill Hubbard, 
    Attn: 1600 Hamilton Place Architecture Committee 
    Email: bhubbard@communitymanagement.com 
    Subject: 1600HP - Lighting Request
    Fax: (408) 559-1970
    Mail: 1935 Dry Creek Road, Suite 203 Campbell, CA 95008

    Requests that do not include all items above shall be considered incomplete and will not be considered for approval until all necessary information is provided.

  4. Fixture Locations

    The exterior building lighting originally installed when the property was built differs by building phase and includes three fixtures described as follows:

    1. Front Door Light Fixture - Wall mounted 

    2. Chimney Light Fixture - Wall mounted

    3. Rear/Side Yard and Balcony Fixtures - Wall mounted

  5. Replacement Light Fixture Specifications and Acceptable Alternate Lighting

    The list of fixtures in Section F below are pre-approved fixtures. Please note, you still need to obtain written approval from the Association in order to replace a light fixture. However, selecting one of these pre-approved fixtures will expedite your approval.

    If you do not select one of the pre-approved light fixtures, you may submit an alternate fixture for approval by the Architectural Committee (per guidelines outlined above). The approval process will take up to 30 days once your complete request has been submitted. The general guidelines for alternate fixtures are as follows:

    1. General: fixture size, shape and color should complement the overall structure and harmonize with the surroundings. Fixtures should never be a focal point or detract from the surrounding architecture.

    2. Size/Scale: Size and scale should be appropriate for the space (not too small, nor too large), and should be similar to what was originally installed by the builder.

    3. Color/Finish: Color preference is black, but dark bronze or dark brown are also acceptable. White, bright brass, silver and polished chrome or other similar finish are not acceptable.

    4. Glass: Glass should be white, frosted or clear. No colored glass is acceptable. 

    5. Bulb: Bulb should be appropriate size for fixture and shall not extend beyond the fixture housing. The bulb should produce white light - no colored lights are allowed, except for limited time holiday installations.

    6. Sensors: Dusk-to-dawn and motion sensors should be integrated into the fixture, and should not extend beyond the regular fixture housing.

    All proposed deviations from the specifications in this guideline will be considered in terms of the effect on the architectural integrity of the overall property.

  6. Replacement Light Fixture Specifications and Acceptable Alternate Lighting

    1. Roman Coach Lantern 
      Manufacturer: Progress Lighting 

      Model Number (Small): P5986-31EB Black (Home Depot) (Lighting Direct)
                                           P5986-19EB Roman Bronze (Home Depot) (Lighting Direct)

      Model Number (Large): P5985-31EB Black (Home Depot) (Lighting Direct)
                                           P5985-19EB Roman Bronze (Home Depot) (Lighting Direct)
      Approximate Price: $50-65
      Available at: Home Depot (on-line only), and http://www.lightingdirect.com

    2. Coach Lantern with Motion & Dusk-to-Dawn 
      Manufacturer: Cooper Lighting

      Model Number: MDL300BK (Black) 
      Approximate Price: $40
      Available at: Orchard Supply Hardware

    3. Outdoor Craftsman Lantern 
      Manufacturer: Pacific Bay 
      Model Number: 6584742 (Dark Bronze) 
      Approximate Price: Unknown 
      Available at: Orchard Supply Hardware

    4. Decorative Craftsman Lantern 
      Manufacturer: Prime
      Model Number: 1842-7 (Burnished Copper) 
      Approximate Price: Unknown
      Available at: Orchard Supply Hardware



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