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Clubhouse Rules

Updated January 2011

  1. The Clubhouse (which includes a dining area, fireside area, and full kitchen) is available only by reserving same through the Property Management Company.

  2. Reservations are not confirmed until the Agreement for Use of Clubhouse & Cleaning and Security Deposit is signed and returned along with TWO (2) CHECKS ($100.00 Cleaning and Security Deposit and $50.00 Use Fee.) Reservations must be made at least ONE (1) WEEK in advance of your function date - NO EXCEPTIONS. Reservations will not be accepted more than four (4) months in advance.

  3. Keys are obtained from the Property Management Company. Their offices are located at 1935 Dry Creek Road, #203, Campbell, CA 95008 (at the corner of Dry Creek Road and S. Bascom Avenue). Their hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

  4. If the checks are not honored, the fee and any other charges against the deposit will be added to the Homeowner's monthly assessment and his/her private use of the Clubhouse will be denied for twelve (12) months.

  5. RESERVATION OF THE CLUBHOUSE DOES NOT INCLUDE USE OF THE POOL AND/OR SPA AREA. Violators will be fined and/or restricted from use of the Clubhouse.

  6. The Clubhouse is not to be used for commercial or promotional purposes, nor is it to be scheduled on a continual, on-going basis (exception: Committees and Board of Directors meetings).

  7. The Clubhouse may be reserved for private functions as many as five (5) times per calendar year, per Association household. It may be requested at additional times, but not on a priority/confirmed basis.

  8. The Clubhouse will be checked in/out to the Association Homeowner or his/her registered renter only, not to a representative. The Homeowner or his/her renter must remain with their guests throughout the use of the Clubhouse.

  9. Hours:     Sunday through Thursday - 8:00 am** to 11:00 pm
                    Friday and Saturday        - 8:00 am** to  1:00 am
    The facility is to be vacated/lights-out and locked by 11:00 pm (Sunday through Thursday) or 1:00 am (Friday and Saturday).
    ** If the Clubhouse is scheduled on consecutive nights, it generally will not be available before noon of the following day, to allow for a thorough cleaning of the Clubhouse.

  10. No undue noise or amplified music shall be allowed.

  11. No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.

  12. The fireplace is for aesthetics only and may not be used.

  13. You may not affix any decorations to the walls or windows.

  14. The Clubhouse may not be sublet by the original reservation maker, nor may he/she charge any fee that is related to the use of the Clubhouse.

  15. The Homeowner or renter reserving the Clubhouse will be held liable for the actions of his/her guests. The Homeowner or renter must make sure all guests abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Clubhouse and Community.

  16. The Clubhouse, restrooms, and immediate outside area must be left in the same clean condition and good state of repair in which it was received. All kitchen appliances, floor, counter, sink and tables/chairs must be cleaned. Do not leave left-over food, paper products, garbage, etc., in the kitchen. Remove all decorations, balloons, etc.
    Note: The Clubhouse does not have a broom, dust pan, mop/bucket or any cleaning supplies. Please use appropriate cleaning product only on the glass cooktop. All furniture, tables, chairs and accessories must be placed back in their original location.

  17. The Volunteer Clubhouse Inspector will conduct a final clean-up inspection and fax the clean-up report to the Property Management Company. When the Property Management Company receives the report, provided there are no problems, the Cleaning and Security Deposit will be refunded. If there are problems, the Homeowner or renter will be notified by the Property Management Company.

  18. Responsibility begins upon receipt of the key and ends after the final clean-up inspection. The key must be returned to the Property Management Company within three (3) days of use.

  19. All lights, appliances (except refrigerator), heater, etc. must be turned off and all doors must be secured and locked.

  20. Maximum capacity is 76 people.

  21. Any violations of the Clubhouse rules are subject to a $50.00 fine and/or loss of your deposit.



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