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Architectural Guidelines

Per Article VII of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for 1600 Hamilton Place Community Association, the following guidelines have been set forth in regard to Architectural requests:

  1. All requests must be submitted in writing.

  2. If a request is denied, the applicant is free to request that the Committee reconsider its position upon presentation of new or additional information which might clarify the request or demonstrate its acceptability. Final appeal may be made to the Board of Directors.

  3. All written requests should include information necessary for the committee to take action. Necessary data should include the height, width, length, size, shape, color, and location of the proposed improvements. Plant material should be specified by specie. Photographs or sketches of similar completed project(s) would aid in the Committee's consideration.

  4. Any addition to an existing building, any exterior alteration, modification, or change to an existing building or area, or any new detached structure must have the approval of the Committee before any work is undertaken.

  5. Decks, patios, overheads, awnings, or shades of any type must be in keeping with the architectural standards of the community and must have the approval of the Committee. All balcony or patio floor coverings must have Committee approval. Any objects placed upon or attached to the balcony railing or posts must also have the approval of the Committee.

  6. All those units that are granted an exclusive patio easement area must submit landscaping plans for approval. Said plans need not be prepared by a licensed landscape architect; however, they must be of sufficient detail and scale to allow review by the Committee. Water from irrigation or from downspouts may not be diverted to adjoining patios. If you choose to pipe water under the fence, there must be an existing surface drain to accept the water. You may not plant anything which has an invasive root system or has a tendency to creep either into your neighbor's yards or into the common planted area. All landscaping must be maintained so as not to be unsightly to your neighbors. To avoid costly errors or mistakes, landscaping shall not begin until plan have been approved by the Architectural Committee. Any damage done to the common area during installation of landscaping will be repaired at the expense of the owner.

  7. Architectural approval is not required for normal patio and deck furnishings which include, but are not limited to, chairs, tables, portable barbecues, potted plants, and other such accessories.

  8. Any gate, fence, or balcony railing change or addition must have the approval of the Committee.

  9. No outside television antenna, aerial, or radio pole shall be erected, constructed, or maintained so that it is visible from the outside.

  10. Exterior lights shall not be directed in such a manner as to create annoyance to the neighbors. Any additional light fixtures must be approved by the Committee.

  11. Screen doors must have Committee approval. Approved doors are listed in the Screen Door Requirements and Guidelines section.

  12. House numbers, other than the house numbers installed or modified by the developer, will not be permitted.

  13. No alterations to mailboxes will be permitted.

  14. No name signs will be permitted on homes.

  15. All air conditioners must be placed in accordance with the construction plans.

  16. No window air conditioners or fans will be permitted.

  17. Approval by the Committee does not waive the necessity of obtaining any required City permits.

  18. Obtaining a City permit does not waive the need for Committee approval.

  19. The Committee will not knowingly approve a project which is in violation of the City Building or Zoning Codes. Committee approval does not necessarily mean that the project will meet codes as the Committee is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of the project.



This page was last updated on 03/30/2014.